About RSG International

In the super seventies, Raj Sahni Group International laid its foundation in a modest family business of Automotive Spare Parts. Soon enough, the business grew into a progressive organization across sectors as diverse as Automotive, Real Estate, Industrial Equipment, Investments and Property Development. The group takes pride in exemplary relationships with its customers, stakeholders and business partners, which have been nurtured by over three decades of thorough commitment and integrity.

Bearing its roots in the sands of Kuwait, RSG International has spanned across the Middle East, USA and South Asia. A diligent and sensitive approach to selecting the right business at the right place has been the formula for the group’s success.

At RSG International, each business decision is made with an aim to maintain a stable and beneficial investment ground that constantly rewards all entities associated with the group. Every gesture is made with a view to ensuring social and environmental responsibility and exhibiting the highest ethical standards in business.


Become one of the finest property developers in UAE.
Add innovatively to the offering at RSG International and work with high-quality products and people.
Ensure every product / offering is thoroughly researched and designed for maximum profitability.
Customers, business associates and employees must experience satisfaction and happiness from every activity at RSG International.
Maintain integrity at all times.